3 Card Trick - Black Country Metalworkers

For hundreds of years, since the Industrial Revolution, the Black Country in the West Midlands of England resounded to the slam of hammers, anvils, guillotines and presses as real people with real jobs forged metal to their designs. Nails and buckets, anchors and chain, springs, steel sheet and bar were all the product of the thick black smoke that spewed from a thousand chimneys.

As these masters of metal gradually lost the economic race with their overseas competitors in the 60's and 70's, another generation of metalworkers began to evolve here. The glorious rock music of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Diamond Head was as much a product of the Midlands as the metal products of a previous era….

Continuing the great Black Country tradition of forging metal, 3 Card Trick appear as if by magic to take up the baton and run. With industrial quality rhythms and diamond tipped saw guitars, their music reflects their heritage. Standing on the shoulders of giants, they proudly proclaim "We are Black Country Metalworkers"

3 Card Trick are:-

Richard Tate - Vocals and Guitar.Richard Tate - Vocals and Guitar. Best known for his endearing habit of bossing everybody about, Dick Tate will always tell you what he thinks. Everybody's entitled to Dick's opinion.

Richard Repit - Lead Guitar and Vocals.Richard Repit - Lead Guitar and Vocals. Once a very fit young man, and a keen soccer player, "Rapid" Dick Repit has really let himself go in recent years.

Richard Riminalize - Bass.Richard Riminalize - Bass. Possessing a keen social conscience, amongst other things, Dick Riminalize is a keen supporter of substance reclassification. Yay!

Richard Lassify - Drums and Vocals.Richard Lassify - Drums and Vocals. Well, the secret's out - Dick Lassify is no way old enough to be playing with the rest of this bunch. He didn't even go to the same school as Robert Plant. On the other hand Hayseed Dixie all thought he is a great drummer. We think so, too.

Richard Lutch - Percussion and Vocals.Richard Lutch - Percussion and Vocals. Never mind Lutch - Lush, more like. With his incessant cry of "Mine's a double", old "Double" Dick Lutch tells us he learned everything he needs to know about a responsible drinking policy from the Hayseed Dixie web site.

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